Helpline Information

Helpline Information

My Struggles

We care because we are a community of people (both online and in person) who have our share of struggles too. We know that keeping things secret gives them power over us, but that reaching out to confide in others gives us strength and wisdom for the journey. We have also found incredible hope in the middle of our struggles, along with peace and joy, through the power and love of Jesus Christ. We don’t want to keep this good news to ourselves. We are eager to help others who struggle to find this hope, peace, strength, and joy so they can journey into the wonderful life God has planned for them.

Deborah Rise Movement

Our vision is to be a “voice for voiceless” women, to encourage them in their distress with the liberating message of Jesus, and to empower them with the tools to bring about holistic transformation in their lives (Luke 4:18).  To build a network of caring Christian individuals that acts proactively on behalf of the most neglected sector of women in human society – the abused, violated, oppressed, neglected, and marginalized – to help meet their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs (Mark 9:41). To provide biblical training in intercessory prayer for those in the network, so that they can pray earnestly for these vulnerable women (James 5:16). To train biblical counselors who can empathize with the unique needs of these hurting women, showing them encouragement and compassion (2 Tim 2:2, Gal 6:2). To be advocates in society on behalf of these women, and rally others to also serve them with their gifts and abilities (Isa 58:6-7, Micah 6:8). All these goals will be accomplished, through in-person meet-ups, and by harnessing the power of the telephone, internet and social media (1 Cor 9:22).

Home Shanthi

Home Shanti is an effort towards bringing healing, growth, and wholeness to hurting individuals and families. Our goal is to provide guidance and assistance to help children, adolescent, adults and families lead a healthier and happier life. As they encounter challenges and crisis on this wonderful, yet sometimes difficult journey called life, we would like to walk along side of them to bring peace and joy in their life. We have trained counselors who are committed to bringing peace in your home by restoring broken relationships, helping parents integrate with their children and building strong meaningful relationships.