Movies About Jesus

Movies about Jesus

The following are dramatic portrayals of the life and work of Jesus Christ as presented by the gospels. All of these are true to Scripture, and provide fresh ways for us to imagine what it was like to live during the time of Jesus.

The Gospel of John

This three-hour drama attempts to accurately follow the Gospel According to John written sometime during the first century. The gospel contains four segments: an introduction to the nature of Jesus Christ; testimony by disciples and the presence of miracles; the Last Supper and crucifixion; and the appearance of the risen Christ.

The Gospel of John was written two generations after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is set in a time when the Roman Empire controlled Jerusalem. It presents the unique claims of Jesus who said He was not just an ordinary person, but God who came down from heaven and became a man. The gospel makes us face His claims directly, and to decide for ourselves whether Jesus is who He says He is, or if He is a charlatan and a deceiver. To believe in Jesus, says John, is to obtain eternal life and to have the right to be called children of God.


The Jesus Film

A docudrama on the life of Jesus Christ based on the Gospel of Luke, JESUS has been translated into more than 1,000 languages since its 1979 release. It remains the most translated and viewed film in history. The site has translations of this film in more than 1,700 languages and a growing library of other movies and short films, which you can experience and share the story of Jesus anywhere with anyone. 


The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel According to Matthew full movie. In Israel/Palestine/Jordan, then known as Judea (Roman province) of the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ of Nazareth travels around the country with his disciples preaching to the people about God and salvation of their souls. He claims to be the son of God and the Messiah. He is arrested by the Romans and crucified. He rises from the dead after three days.

The Matthew video series broke new ground by offering the first-ever dramatic portrayal of events in the Bible, presented word for word from the best-selling New International Version® (NIV) translation.