Our purpose is to be transformed by the love of Jesus Christ through the power of the gospel. This website serves as a single place containing  several useful resources we have collected over the years, our own teaching and study materials, and also, personal stories of  the grace of God. Our prayer is that God will use this website to  encourage and build up other christians for the glory of God, and to point those who do not know Jesus to Him who is the only One who can satisfy our deepest needs.

Watch the Story

There is only one story that answers life’s most essential questions and gives a lasting sense of purpose and meaning. It is the story that inspires all other stories. It is the true story that defines every one of us. This is THAT story. Like all stories, it starts with the beginning. It tells us why we are here, what is wrong with the world, how God has fixed it, and what we must do to become a significant part of this great story!

Creation • Fall • Rescue • Restoration