Our Family Resources

Our Family Resources

Sandeep’s Story: AM 820: The Word (KGNW), Seattle (Nov 17, 2020)

Gary Gulbranson and Pete Talbot interview our son Sandeep Thomas in a two part series on AM 820: The Word (KGNW), Seattle, on Nov 17 2020

Part 1: Here Sandeep shares about his broken past, and the circumstances surrounding his decision to submit his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Part 2: Here Sandeep shares how families that are struggling in the journey can seek support in Jesus and through a caring Christian community.

Parenting Older Kids With Trauma

Part 1: The focus is on children 3 years and older. Here we talk about (a) The effects of trauma on children. (b) The grief and loss they face. (c) The importance of their attachment to their caregivers, (d) The social and emotional implications they need to deal with. (e) The developmental delays they have to overcome.

Part 2: The focus is now on the parents. Often parents themselves suffer from secondary trauma which can effect them mentally, emotionally, physically and behaviorally. Parents may need to seek professional help, but ultimately true healing only comes from Jesus. It is worth it, because God Himself adopted us.

The Gospel Coalition – As Adoption Ages: How Parents Are Handling Teen Challenges

There was really a significant reawakening of the historic Christian role of caring for orphans in the mid- to late-2000s. This included the adoption of many children coming from orphanages who’d experienced significant deprivation or trauma. Those kids are now hitting their teen and early adult years. This is an article in The Gospel Coalition website, published in July 28th, 2020.

The Refresh Conference  2016: Testimony of Sandeep Thomas

The story of our son Sandeep as he shares his adoption journey at the Refresh Conference, Seattle in 2016. It is a story of how God can take a child with broken beginnings and transform him with the love of Jesus.