Step 12: Christmas – God Came to Be With Us

When it was time for their baby to be born Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem, far away from their home. There was no place for them at the inn (a place where travelers stayed). So their baby was born in a stable for animals and was placed in a manger(a box in which animals eat grass and hay) by His mother. The Son of God had arrived in this sinful world for you and me! We could not reach God because of our sins, so God came down to be with us!

The book of Luke in the Bible tells us this marvelous story. All was quiet that night. Suddenly God sent an angelic choir to announce His Son’s birth!  To whom?  To humble shepherds in the field! The Bible says, “The glory of the Lord shone around them.” An angel told the shepherds: A Savior, who is Christ the Lord, had been born for you in a stable.”Then the choir of angels sang: “Glory to God on high and peace and goodwill to all people on earth.”The shepherds hurried to see the newborn Savior and told everyone about Him. God also placed a special star in the sky. The star guided some wise men from the east to Lord Jesus. They came looking for a King and followed the star many days.

They found the baby with his humble parents in an ordinary house, not in the palace of a king, as they expected.  But they did not doubt! They were filled with great joy and fell down and worshipped the baby. Then they gave Him costly gifts fit for a King! Christians all over the world celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus as Christmas. Today I wish to give King Jesus a costly gift too. I give Him my heart and my life. Will you give Him your heart and life too, my friend?

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, I humbly thank You for coming down to this sinful world as a baby for me!” 

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