Step 17: God – The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?” you may wonder. Just before He died, the Lord Jesus told His disciples that He was going back to God, His Father. The disciples were very sad to hear this. Their hearts were heavy with sorrow. He comforted them and said: “Do not be troubled in your hearts…  My Father will give you a Comforter and a Counselor to be with you forever…. This Counselor, the Holy Spirit, will teach you all things.”

After He died and came alive, the Lord Jesus spent forty days with His disciples teaching them and giving them instructions. He said: “The Holy Spirit will come to you. He will give you the power to tell the whole world about Me.” after He said this, He went up to heaven as they watched.

On a Jewish festival day called ‘Pentecost’, many disciples had come together to pray. Just as the Lord Jesus said, all of them received the Holy Spirit that day! The disciples had been very afraid of the people who had killed the Lord Jesus and they had been hiding. When the Holy Spirit came, he gave all of them the courage to boldly face everyone and tell them about the Lord Jesus and the salvation He gives.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. The moment we receive the Lord Jesus as our Savior, the Holy Spirit comes to live in our hearts! 

And the wonderful truth is: 

Through the Holy Spirit, God our Father, and the Lord Jesus our Savior, also live in our hearts! Can we be any more blessed than this?

In the next lesson, we will learn about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Prayer: “Thank You, Father, for your gift of the Holy Spirit to be with us always and to guide us.”



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