Step 20: Heaven – Going Home to God

People all over the world, whatever their religion is, want to go to heaven. They know heaven is a wonderful place!

They try many ways to get to heaven by doing good deeds – giving to charity, volunteering, helping the needy, etc. They want to earn their way to heaven. They hope that their good deeds will cancel out their sins and so God will somehow allow them into heaven.

Others try to do all kinds of self-denials – fasting and praying, giving up many things, and even hurting themselves. They think that God will be pleased with their devotion and will not consider their sins. Many of these things may be good in themselves, but they will never remove our mountain of sins and make us fit for heaven. God is pure and holy. He cannot allow anything unclean or impure to enter heaven. King David, a great king in the Bible, prayed to God, “Wash me and I shall be whiter snow.”

Praise God, the blood the Lord Jesus shed on the cross for my sins has washed away the dark stain of sin from my heart! Now I am clean and white and pure because of the Lord Jesus’ sacrifice! God will welcome me in heaven! No one can work at going to heaven. God gives eternal life as a FREE GIFT! I am singing because I know for sure that my sins are forgiven and I am on my way to my heavenly home!

The Bible tells us: “Our citizenship is in heaven.” Is your heart singing also, my friend? Even if we don’t ever meet here on earth, I look forward to the day when we will meet in our Father’s house! 

Prayer: “Thank You, Father God, for Your priceless gift of eternal life in heaven with You and the Lord Jesus.”



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