Step 24: Loving God, Hating Sin

What exactly is SIN?

Before I came to Lord Jesus, I used to think like this: 

I steal a little pin – it is not a big sin like robbing a bank. I hate somebody and I am happy when something bad happens to him. I have not done anything to harm him. I am not in jail like all the criminals, so I am a good person.  I am not a sinner. I do not need to ask God for forgiveness. How wrong I was! 

God has given His basic laws in the Bible in Exodus 20: 3 – 17. They are called ‘The Ten Commandments’.  When I break even one of them, I sin. The Lord Jesus explained all the laws of God very simply: “Love God with your whole heart. Love others as yourself.”

Most of my sins are against God and against other people.  God knows everything that is in my heart.  He not only sees what I do, but He also knows all my reasons. I cannot hide anything from Him. I cannot pretend to be a good person outside and be a different person on the inside. I realize what a big sinner I am in God’s sight.  I love my Lord.  I do not want to do what He hates.  I humbly ask for His forgiveness for all my sins. I now want to live a life that will honor Him.  I do not ever want to go back to my old sinful ways and bring dishonor to my Savior who gave his life for me.

The Bible tells us :

“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new person; the old sinful person has gone, the new has come.”   

Prayer: “Lord God, I give You my heart’s full devotion. Please help me not to sin, but live a new pure life for You. Amen”



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