Devotional – Steve Hall

Do you hunger to know more of the matchless wonders of the Lord Jesus Christ?

In this 365 day devotional, you will experience Christ’s magnificent character based solely on Scripture. You will discover the attributes of Christ through His many names; His character, His Nature and His abilities. His names hold such power and promise; Teacher, Healer, Bread of Life, Prince of Peace…Day by Day, you can enter into a time of quiet and reflection — a Scripture, deep insight into one of Christ’s Names and a prayer. I Want to Know More of Christ will lead readers into a richer and more rewarding relationship with Christ. Individuals and groups can immerse themselves daily in worshiping Christ, and in praying for His lordship of their lives and of all people.

Each daily devotional consists of a Name or Attribute of Christ, the Scripture passage the name appears in, a “Significance” line (a brief summary of what that name reveals about Christ), a “Prayer” (which often includes worship and thanksgiving for the aspect of Christ the name represents, submitting of ourselves to Him through that name, and praying for His lordship), and Lines for you to write what the Holy Spirit has just impressed upon you about the greatness of Christ. Someone has called this, “painting a complete portrait of Christ.”

Immersed daily in His word, you are changed. Come and engage in the journey.

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