Women at the Well Christmas Celebration, 2020

The following is a recording of the “Women at the Well” Christmas Celebration, 2020. The YouTube videos that were played during the live session have not been included in the main recording for copyright reasons, but their links are shown below along with the program. We pray that this Christmas celebration will be a blessing to you.


  • Welcome

Shirley Thomas

  • It’s About the Cross
  • Opening Prayer

Joyce Premila

  • Bible Reading – Isaiah 9:6-7

Joanna Stephen

  • Christmas Book Reading

Rachna Thomas

  • Christmas Worship Medley
  • Christmas With a Capital C

Rachna Thomas

  • The Christmas Story Narration

Pearl and Alvina  Puruthotham

  • Poem – The Cross of Christmas

Emily Stanley

  • Be Born in Me
  • Christmas Message

Vanita Thomas

  • Bible Reading – Philippians 2:5-11

Narga Nair

  • The Revelation Song
  • Closing Prayer

Suja Jose

  • Silent Night

Joan Shankar

  • Closing Remarks

Shirley Stanley

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