Practical Resources for Being Doers of the Word

Suffering is hard for everyone involved—for both the person who is hurting and their friends who walk beside them. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by suffering, whether it’s your own or the pain of your friends, but the Lord will give you everything you need as you ask Him. Vaneetha Reisner, contributor to Desiring God Ministries and a womens’ ministry leader at The Gospel Coalition, has a ministry to help people find hope in their suffering and she has provided the following links to a few resources that may be helpful.

Learn how to practically help those in need by downloading e-book Helping the Hurting.





  • Five Minutes to Hope

The one-page PDF, 5 Minutes to Hope has the things she does when she is struggling. Download it here.






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  1. Just looked through the recommended resources, and they look very helpful. I plan to download them. And I loved listening to “Somewhere in Your Silent Night”,,, and other songs by Casting Crowns! Thanks, Venitha!

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