Step 5: Prayer – Talking to God

You have decided to follow the Lord Jesus in your life. You must be wondering “How do I pray to Him?” Talking to God is called ‘Prayer’. At the end of each of our lessons, there is a prayer to the Lord Jesus. If you said them aloud or in your heart, you are already praying to Him! I pray to the Lord Jesus in different ways:

  • When I want to worship Him, I find a quiet time and a quiet place.
  • I fall on my knees, fold my hands, and bow to Him.
  • I also close my eyes so that my thoughts are only on Him.
  • I can mostly pray this way only at home or in church.

At other times, I just bow my head, close my eyes, and pray. I can also pray to Him in my heart wherever I am – at school or college, at work, at home, while traveling or driving, even while doing work at home or in the office – any time I remember the Lord Jesus and any time I need Him or any time I just want someone to talk to.

Just as we talk to our mom or dad or a close friend, we can talk to the Lord Jesus. He wants us to come to Him and talk to Him and tell Him all that is in our hearts. I talk to Him when I wake up in the morning.  And I talk to him as I fall asleep at night.  He gives me His peace and joy. What a great gift from God prayer is to us.  He is never too far away from us or too busy to hear us, even though He is God!  This is the assurance we have from God in the Bible: “God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer.”  Psalm 66:19

Prayer: “Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for being near me anytime I need to talk to you in prayer.”



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