Step 6: What to Pray

The Lord Jesus taught His followers how to pray.  He will teach you too if you ask Him. I pray a prayer of worship like this: “Lord Jesus, I worship You. I bow before You. You are Lord, God Almighty. You are my Savior. I praise You.  I thank You for Your amazing love for me.”

I pray and ask Him to help me know Him and His love more. I ask him to forgive all my sins. I also ask Him to show me how He wants me to live. Then I talk to Him about everything in my life.  I tell him about my needs and ask Him for help. I ask Him for His guidance in all my problems. I pray for His blessings on my family and friends and pray for their needs. I ask Him to help me tell them about Him, how He has changed my life. I just keep talking to Him all the time. He is near you and will always hear you.

Make time to be alone with Him for a few minutes (or even hours, as I do sometimes) every day – just worship Him and tell Him how much you love Him. Then just sit quietly in His presence – know that He is with you and He is so happy that you came to spend this time with Him.  Just rest in His love.  You will find His love and peace filling your heart. The Bible tells us: “Come close to God and He will come close to you.” “Never stop praying. Be thankful always, for this is God’s will for you”

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, I want to spend time with You. Please come close to me and teach me to pray.”


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