Step 13: Lord Jesus – Miracle-working God

The Lord Jesus is thirty years old. He is leaving His home to fulfill His mission. The reason He came into this world is to save everyone in this world. Shall we follow our Lord as His disciples and go where He goes, hear what He says and see what He does? I am excited!  I am sure you are excited too! We see Him walking around the countryside, telling the people about God and His kingdom. He says it is a spiritual kingdom, not an earthly kingdom. He has great compassion for all the people. His heart goes out to them. He heals the sick, the lepers, the deaf, the blind, and the lame. He casts out evil spirits. People come running to him all the time! One day He sees a funeral – a widow woman’s only son has died. She is weeping with sorrow. With loving care for her, He touches the body and brings her son to life!  The woman now weeps with joy!

Another day, He sees that the people who follow Him are hungry. There are more than 5000 people!  He does not want to send them away hungry. One little boy gives Jesus his lunch. Jesus blesses it and there is enough food for all the people and lots leftover! Now He is on a boat on the Sea of Galilee. A big storm comes up and His disciples are terrified. He gives a command and the wind and the storm stops immediately! 

Another time He walks on water on the sea when his disciples were in the boat and comes to them. He often forgives people’s sins as He heals them.  He tells them having their sins forgiven is even more important than healing for their body. He changes the lives of everyone who comes seeking Him. A tax collector who cheated people, a woman caught in adultery, a religious leader, and many others receive forgiveness and new life from Him. The Lord Jesus proves that He is God by many, many outer and inner miracles. I believe He is God who came down to earth. Do you believe also, my friend?

Prayer: “Dear Lord Jesus, You are a miracle-working God. I want to follow You all my life.”

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