Step 19: Heaven – Our Eternal Home

HEAVEN!  At the thought of heaven, I joyously sing a song I know:

 “Heaven is a wonderful place. 

  Filled with glory and grace. 

  I want to see my Savior’s face. 

  Heaven is a beautiful place!”

Heaven is a place filled with the glory of God.  It is a place of splendor and beauty!  Heaven is a glorious place because God lives there. The Lord Jesus called it “My Father’s house”.  We as, God’s children, are going to be in our Heavenly Father’s house with Him and Lord Jesus. This will be joy we cannot imagine! Heaven also has multitudes of angels, all worshiping God, singing His praises, and serving Him day and night.  That will be a wonderfully amazing sight to see! God says there will be no sorrow or pain in heaven! God, Himself will wipe away all our tears!  After all our trials on earth, God will comfort us there. We will also see all our loved ones who put their trust in the Lord Jesus and who have died and gone before us. What a wonderful hope we Christians have of meeting our saved loved ones again in heaven!

The Bible tells us: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” I often imagine the scene when I go to heaven one day.  The Lord Jesus takes my hand and leads me to God.  As he presents me to God, he says with a glad smile: “Father here is your child.”  I have already experienced this love and joy in my heart. One day this will be a reality! The Lord Jesus is the only one who can take me to God the Father, in heaven! Does the thought bring great joy to your heart, my friend?

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, thank You for preparing a place for me in heaven with You. And for all the joys You have for me there. Amen”

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