Step 22: The Lord Jesus Gives us Victory Over Satan

Yes!  Praise God!  Our Redeemer came to free us from Satan’s bondage! We, who are saved, are no longer slaves to Satan.  We now belong to Lord Jesus!  We are God’s children under His care! Lord Jesus gives, us the power not to sin anymore! Satan is a defeated enemy!

The Bible also calls Satan the ‘Devil’ or the ‘Ruler of this world’.  He rules over the whole world and overall the people of the world. God has allowed Satan to be free in this world for a short time. A time is coming soon when God will throw him and his demons into hell which he has prepared for them. And sadly all who have rejected the Lord Jesus and have chosen to follow Satan will follow him to hell also.

Just as Adam and Eve had a choice, God gives each of us the freedom to choose: I want to love, obey, and follow God, or do I want to obey and follow Satan? When I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior, I stepped onto God’s side. Now I obey only God and refuse to obey what Satan tells me.

Satan lost me!  He has now become my enemy.  His one purpose in my life is to make me believe God does not love me and to turn me away from following God. Satan is powerful.  He wants to win me back at all costs!  He tempts me with all the glitter and glamour of this world.  He hits me with all kinds of trials and sufferings. He wants to make me sin at any cost.

But the Bible tells us:

“God, who is in you, is greater than Satan who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

“Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

So don’t be afraid of Satan, my friend. Come to the Lord Jesus and be free and safe. God will keep you in all your trials.  I want to stay close to Lord Jesus and follow him in my life. When I do, the Holy Spirit gives me the power to resist Satan and live a pure life for the Lord Jesus every day.

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, please keep me strong against Satan’s attacks of trial and temptations and help me to live a pure life for You always.”

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