Step 1: Lord Jesus, My Savior

One day I said to the Lord Jesus, “Lord Jesus, I accept You as my Lord and my Savior.” I wanted Him to be the Lord of my life. I stopped going my way. I turned around and started following the Lord Jesus.

Why do I want to follow Lord Jesus? Because I have accepted Him as my Savior. A savior is a person who saves or rescues me from something. If I am drowning and someone saves me, he is my savior. Lord Jesus is my Savior because He has saved me from all my sins. I sin every time I break one of the moral laws given by God in the Bible. Such as: “Love God, honor your parents, do not lie, do not steal, do not want what others have, don’t be selfish but love others like yourself” and many more. These sins keep on adding. Soon I have a mountain of sins on me –sins against GodThese sins separate me from a holy God.  I cannot go to Him and my prayers will not reach Him.  God will punish me for them.

 What am I to do? One day I hear the good news:

  • That Lord Jesus Himself came down to earth from heaven to take my punishment!
  • That He died on the cross in my place! I hear that He came alive again! 
  • Three days after being killed and buried, Lord Jesus rose up alive again bodily!
  • He is now in heaven. I hear that He is the Supreme Ruler of all the heavens and the earth!

The Bible says: “Believe in Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”  Acts 16:31, I believe this good news of Lord Jesus with all my heart! Do you believe also, my friend? Is Lord Jesus your Savior?

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, You are my Savior and my God.  I worship You.”


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