Step 4 : From Darkness into Shining Light

I was lost in the maze of life and stumbling in the darkness without hope. One day I heard a caring, loving voice calling me. It was the Lord Jesus! He said: “I am the Light of the world. Follow Me. You will never be in darkness. And I will be your guide, all your life.”I gladly accepted His invitation. I stepped into His light. I am not afraid anymore He takes my hand and leads me. I just follow Him.

I do not know what my life on this earth is going to be like. But the Lord Jesus knows. He planned it just for me. He says “I know the plans I have for you. They are good plans.” He promises “I will never leave you or abandon you”. I trust Him. I know I am safe in His care, even through all the problems of life. I just take all my cares and my problems and leave them with Him. He shows me the way through them. You have also stepped into the Lord Jesus’ light. He is holding your hand. He is guiding you in this life. You are safe forever.

Prayer: “Thank You, Lord Jesus, You are my Light and my Guide in my life. Please lead me along the path You have planned for me.”


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