Step 15: Lord Jesus – On the Cross for Our Sins

“Jesus Christ” – Savior of the world!  The time has come for the Lord Jesus to fulfill His mission:

“He came into the world to save sinners”, the Bible tells us. He told His disciples that He was going to die. His disciples were filled with sorrow to hear this. But He told them He will come alive again on the third day! The religious leaders were angry with him because He forgave peoples’ sins, showed love and compassion to sinners, and said God was His Father. So they wanted to kill him. They arrested him and their Roman leader decided to crucify Him – nail him to a cross – a cruel punishment given to murderers.

You see, no one could have arrested the Lord Jesus or crucified Him, because He was God. But he came to earth with one purpose – to die and pay our punishment for our sins. So He did not oppose or resist anyone. He willingly went to the cross for us. The Son of God who was the only human without any sin, who was kind and loving, who served everyone, who went about doing only good, was condemned to die like a criminal on a cross! 

He was beaten, mocked at, and humiliated. A crown made of thorns was placed on His head.  With all the torture He was very weak. He was made to carry His cross up a hill. There on a hill, He was nailed to a cross by his hands and feet. He suffered terrible pain, but He suffered in silence because He suffered for us. As the Lord Jesus hung on the cross, He bore your sins and my sins. He carried all our guilt, all our failures, and all our shame on that cross. Lord Jesus died that day on the cross. His heart-broken disciples watched as their Master’s body was wrapped in cloth and laid in a tomb in a garden. But a glorious surprise awaited them on the third day!!

Prayer: “Lord, who am I that You should suffer and die for me? I fall at Your feet and thank You for your awesome sacrifice to save a sinner like me.”

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