Step 26: Worshiping God in Church

It is Sunday.  I am on my way to church to worship God with other Christians. My friend, I am so glad you decided to come with me! 

Why do Christians go to church on Sundays? The Lord Jesus came alive from the grave on the first day of the week which is Sunday. We remember his resurrection that day. The Bible says his disciples met together on the first day of the week. So Christians around the world gather on Sundays to worship God, praise Him, and thank him with fellow believers.

Do you see the cross on top of the church?  You may see one on most churches and another one inside the room where we meet for worship. The Cross is a symbol of value for Christians.  It reminds us that our Savior gave his life on a cross to save us.

Let us go inside and sit quietly on a seat. We see many other Christians who have come to church also.  Let us pray quietly and prepare our hearts to worship God. The organ music is playing beautifully. As we focus our minds on God, our hearts are lifted up. We can feel God’s presence with us in the church. Here is the Pastor.  He is the spiritual leader of all the people of this church.  He is leading us in worship. We joyfully sing songs and hymns of praise to God and the Lord Jesus. Pastor prays. We hear passages read from the Bible. Pastor gives us a message and teaches us from the Bible. Then, with a blessing, the worship service is over.

We meet the other Christians after the service.  We are so happy to visit with them! They belong to God’s family just like you and me and so they are our family. They are our Christian brothers and sisters. God is our Heavenly Father – to all of us who have accepted his Son as our Savior. In the Bible, a great king, David, wrote: “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord’ “Psalm 122:1

 Prayer: “Almighty God, thank You for giving us a church to worship You in. And for inviting us to worship You there with other believers.”

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