Step 27: The Church – Our Christian Family on Earth

Shall we attend another church today?  Come, let us go.  We are stopping at a house!  This is not a church building! Let us go inside and see.

A few families are gathered in the living room.  They welcome us warmly.  The worship begins.  There is no organ here to lead us in our singing. But the praise songs are just as sweet and come from the heart. As in the other church, a leader leads us in prayer and Bible reading. Another gives the message. After the service, we have a happy time visiting with our brothers and sisters in this church.

You may wonder ‘what is a church?’  The church of the Lord Jesus is not a building. Each church is the people who meet together in the Lord’s name.  As a family of believers, we love and care for each other, pray and support each other and serve each other. Then, the Bible says, there is one church in the whole world!  What does that mean? The Christians all over the world, who have put their faith in the Lord Jesus and have decided to follow only Him, form this church. The Lord Jesus is the ‘Head’ of this churchThis church is called the ‘Body of Christ’. He breathes his life into his church and cares for us.  We are his very own.

 The Bible says: “Christ is the Head of the church, His body, of which He is the Savior.” As you are reading this, wherever you may be in the world, whatever your culture and language maybe if you are a follower of Jesus, you belong to the world-wide church of our Lord. And you are my brother or sister in Christ.  Isn’t this wonderful?! I love you and I pray for you. I care about you. Are you glad, my friend, that you came to church with me to worship God with his family today through these pages?

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, thank You for making me a part of your world-wide church family.”


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