Step 30: Witness – I Want to Tell the Whole World!

God is love!  His love came down to us in the form of His Son, Lord Jesus! I want to tell the whole world this joyful news!

As I look back on our lessons, I am amazed at the life God gives us when we surrender our lives to the Lord Jesus and choose to follow Him:

  • Without the Lord Jesus, I am a lost sinner.  With him, I am found, I am saved and secure!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, my heart is stained and dark with sin.  With him, my heart is pure and clean and He lives in it.
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I am stumbling in the dark.  With him, I am walking in the Light!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I do not know my way.  With him, I have a Guide who knows my Way!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I am dead in my sins.  With him, I am alive and have eternal life!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, God is my stern Judge.  With him, God is my Heavenly Father!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I have passing friends.  With him, I have a constant Companion!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I am terrified in a storm.  With him, I have a safe Refuge!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I have no peace.  With him, I have peace in all circumstances!
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I have momentary pleasures.  With him, I have joy everlasting.
  • Without the Lord Jesus, I am in Satan’s hold.  With him, I am free from Satan’s bondage!

With Lord Jesus, I have a loving God, his priceless love, and all his blessings. And I am on my way to heaven!

Then God has given me a purpose for my life.  He says, “Go tell everyone what I have done for you.  I want them to know my tender love for them also and experience all these blessings.”  Obeying Him, I have sent all these wonderful Bible lessons to you, my friend. God’s amazing love is for everyone! Let us tell them “Come, Come to the Lord Jesus! God will give you a blessed life you never imagined possible!”

Prayer: “Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to tell everyone about the good news of Your Gospel and the precious gift of Salvation You give us freely.”

2 thoughts on “Step 30: Witness – I Want to Tell the Whole World!”

  1. This is a bit of a stretch but are you the Dr. Vasantha Wilfred who once taught mathematics at Missouri Baptist University? I have long wished I could get in touch with her to thank her for the impact she made on me as a Christian and as a teacher. I have never forgotten her or her amazing testimony.

    1. Hello Ruth, Yes, this is Dr. Vasantha Wilfred. I remember you well. You were one of my best students at MBU.
      I would love to hear back from you and know how God has been leading you in your life.

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