Step 29: Is the Lord Jesus the Only Way to God?

Dear friend, are you thinking: “Is Lord Jesus the only way to God?  What about all the religions of the world? Don’t they all lead us to God?” I want you to meet my friend, Ravi, who found the truth. He is going to tell you his story.

Ravi: I was a young man with a good job. But I was restless. Something was missing in my life. I started having a deep desire for God. I believed there is a God, a higher power in control of our universe. But I didn’t know how to find Him or reach Him. I began seeking God in the religion of my family. I performed all the rituals at home and in the temple, I gave alms to the poor, I fasted and prayed. But I just could not get close to God. I felt that there was a deep, wide gulf separating me from God. I looked around at other religions. The pathway to God in every religion came to a stop at the gulf! “How do I cross this big gulf and reach God?” I thought in despair.

One day I heard a message that the gulf between me and God are my SINS! God is holy and pure. I’m full of sin. My sins are keeping me from reaching God! “God, what do I do?” I cried in despair. “There is hope for you,” the message said. “Lord Jesus, God’s Son, has bridged the gulf between you and God when He died on the cross for your sins.”I ran to Jesus and knelt at His feet. “Lord, I’m so sorry for all my sins. Please forgive me and accept me,” I cried. The Lord Jesus gladly forgave my sins because He has paid my punishment on the cross. And He washed me clean of all the dark stains of sin. Jesus now took my hand and together we turned towards the gulf. To my amazement, I saw a bridge across the gulf! It was in the shape of a cross. I followed my Lord over the bridge and reached God the Father, who was waiting for me on the other side! My joy knew no bounds! I fell at God’s feet and worshiped Him. I looked back across the gulf of sins. There were many people along many pathways desperately trying to reach God. But they all came to a stop at the gulf! There was no way for them to cross the gulf. They could not cross the big gulf of their sins by their own efforts. They were crying out to God, but could not reach Him, just like me before I came to the Lord Jesus. But I saw that many people, who came to Jesus and had their sins forgiven, we’re all crossing the big gulf joyfully with him and were reaching God and were rejoicing!

Now I understood the truth of what Lord Jesus says in the Bible: “I am the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

This is Ravi’s spiritual journey. He has now left his old life of sin and lives a pure new life for his Savior, the Lord Jesus. And he wants to tell everyone where they can find the way to God!

How about you, my friend? Have you come to the Lord Jesus and obtained forgiveness for your sins and joyfully found the way to God?

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, I believe with all my heart You are the only Way to Holy God.Thank You for forgiving my sins and taking me to God by your sacrifice on the cross for me. Amen.”




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